The cost per student for each course via Zoom is £625 plus VAT. Members of ITAI will receive a 10% discount.

For face to face training please contact NWTS to discuss requirements and numbers.

Module 1 – The Draw Program

Setting up and customising the PC-Crash software, importing 3D scans, overview of the Draw Tools, generating 2D and 3D plans, and 3D modelling of mirrors and obstructions to drivers view.

Module 2 – CCTV Analysis in PC-Crash

Rectification of photographs on 2 and 3D backgrounds, Camera positioning through optimisation of CCTV Images, speed calculation by different methods and some simple kinematic modelling.

Module 3 – Kinetic and Kinematic Modelling in PC-Crash

Understanding the Crash Simulation Model, adding deformation to vehicles, Crash 3 Analysis, Case Studies for post and pre-impact modelling, kinematic modelling, 3D simulation and video production.

Module 4 – Advanced Kinetic modelling

Negative restitution, multiple impacts, multibody modelling, Tachograph and EDR sequences, Truck roll-overs and Jack-knife.